Journal Articles


‘Feminist Journeys: Playing with Theory and Representation in Physical Cultural Fields’, by Holly Thorpe, Toni Bruce & Karen Barbour, to be published in Sociology of Sport Journal (Special Issue: Physical Cultural Studies).

‘Transnational Mobilities in Snowboarding Culture: Travel, Tourism and Lifestyle Sport Migration’, by H. Thorpe, to be published in Mobilities.


‘The Politics of Remembering: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Physical Cultural Memory’. Sporting Traditions, special issue: Sport history after the cultural turn, 27(2), 113-125.

‘Alternative Sport and Affect: Non-Representational Theory Examined’, by Holly Thorpe and Robert Rinehart, Sport in Society, special issue: Consumption and representation of lifestyle sport, 13(7&8), 1268-1291.

‘Bourdieu, Gender Reflexivity and Physical Culture: A Case of Masculinities in the Snowboarding Field’. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 34(2), 176-214.

Masculinities in snowboarding article, JSSI


‘Bourdieu, Feminism and Female Physical Culture: Gender Reflexivity and the Habitus-Field Complex’. Sociology of Sport Journal, 26, 491-516.

‘Understanding Alternative Sport Experiences: A Contextual Approach for Sport Psychology’. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (special Issue: De-colonizing methodologies: Approaches to sport and exercise psychology from the margins), 7(3), 359-379.

Snowboarding and sport psychology


‘Foucault, Technologies of Self, and the Media: Discourses of Femininity in Snowboarding Culture’.  Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 32(2), 199-229.

Foucault and the snowboarding media


‘Beyond “Decorative Sociology”: Contextualizing Female Surf, Skate and Snow Boarding’, Sociology of Sport Journal, 23(3), 205-228.


‘Jibbing the Gender Order: Females in the Snowboarding Culture’,
Sport in Society, 8(1), 76-100.

Females in the snowboarding culture


‘Snowboarding Bodies: Dressing For Distinction’,
Junctures: A Journal of Thematic Dialogue, 3, 31-42.

Bourdieu and the snowboarding body

‘Embodied Boarders: Snowboarding, Status and Style’,
Waikato Journal of Education, 10, 181-201.

Snowboarding fashion, Bourdieu, WJE