Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide

Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide is part of the Greenwood Guides to Extreme Sports series marketed to college, high school, and public libraries throughout the United States. I am the co-editor of this series with Professor Douglas Booth (University of Otago). Individual titles in this series include snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, climbing, sky-diving and base-jumping, windsurfing and kitesurfing, BMX, and inline-skating. In each volume, the prominent athletes, extreme sport competitions, techniques, equipment and clothing will be highlighted. While the series will focus primarily on extreme sports in the United States, each title will include some coverage of extreme sports throughout the world.

Snowboarding: The Ultimate Guide is a highly accessible and extensive overview of snowboarding, providing an introduction to the sport and lifestyle of snowboarding; a historical timeline of the rapid growth of snowboarding; techniques and equipment used; and a discussion of key places and events, such as Alaska, Winter X Games, and the Winter Olympics. It is expected to be in print in September 2011.


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