Snowboarding Bodies in Theory and Practice

Snowboarding Bodies in Theory and Practice provides the first in-depth analysis of the global phenomenon of snowboarding culture. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach and drawing upon an extensive collection of sources, including interviews and fieldwork conducted in six countries over seven years, each chapter offers fresh insights into the snowboarding culture, including the sport, lifestyle, industry, media, gender relations, travel and tourism, and the physical experience, in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Drawing upon an array of theoretical perspectives, including cultural memory studies, Marxist political economy, post-Fordism, Foucauldian theorizing, Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of embodiment, feminism, sociology of mobilities, and non-representational theory, this books offers a comprehensive analysis of the practices and politics of the snowboarding body. Creatively blending theory and research, this book provides an accessible and engaging introduction to various critical theoretical concepts and research methods. Snowboarding Bodies in Theory and Practice brings social theory ‘to life’ via an empirically-grounded examination of one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting physical youth cultures.


‘In Snowboarding Bodies in Theory and Practice, Holly Thorpe brings social theory to life through a series of articulate and provocative insights into a snowboarding culture which has developed from a marginal activity into an Olympic sport with mass appeal in less than four decades. The result is a brilliant set of descriptions and analyses which provide an unsurpassed portrayal of snowboarding bodies in popular culture and a unique contribution to contemporary debates surrounding the body and embodied practices.”
Professor Patricia Vertinsky, Distinguished Professor of Social and Cultural History,
The University of British Columbia, Canada

‘Holly Thorpe’s book will be essential reading on courses in sports studies and extreme lifestyles for many years to come. Snowboarding Bodies is a distinctive feminist contribution to this burgeoning field of ‘physical cultural studies’ extending it to popular culture, tourism studies and subcultures.’
Professor Steve Redhead, Professor of Sport and Media Cultures, University of Brighton, UK


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